Web Design

Please check some websites of our clients as example

http://www.AimHyer.com (Website from a Canadian customer)

http://www.DeDolleKever.be (One of our European customers selling model cars and literature)

http://www.demo1.collectioncar.com (our demo website where lots of the functionalities are demonstrated)

  • There is a manual & help function available which will demonstrate in detail every functionality on video in English. See for example. How to place an advertisement.
  • We’re there if you need us. If you need assistance, you can skype, call or mail us.
  • Of course you can keep your domain name or email address.
  • If you’re already registered and you have advertisements online, we’ll setup your website on your current account. The advertisements you made on CollectionCar.com will also appear on your new website.
    So you don’t have to redo all the work. In this case, it will take about 2 business days to set up your new site.

If you need more information, please mail us.

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