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1971 Fiat

500 L
6,600.00 EUR


1971 Fiat 500 L


FIELD FIAT 500 F OF 1966
Beloved and kept in impeccable conditions, always kept in box and blanket, a true jewel of the age
A jump in the past.
Possessing this tiny is like coming back for guys who today is not boyfriend ... getting in and feeling that indescribable scent of the 60s makes it back in time, automatically smiles, turns on the soul.


Splendid FIAT 500 from 1971

Loved and kept in impeccable condition, always kept in box and covered, a real jewel of the time

A jump in the past.

Owning this little gem is like coming back guys for today boy is not ... enter and feel that indescribable perfume of the 60s makes you go back in time, makes you smile, lights up the soul.

Booklet with original sheets, black plate, original interior, perfect funds even with its factory resin.

Visioned and suitable for the CERTIFICATE OF IDENTITY that allows the issue of the Gold Plate: The Certificate allows you to establish the originality or perfect restoration of a vehicle by checking these characteristics with a special examination, and replaces the Certificate of Historicity the Certificate of Historical Relevance.

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Марка: Fiat

Модель: 500 L

Год: 1971

Цена: 6,600.00 EURCurrency Converter

Condition: 1 Исключительно

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Имя: Graziano Borleri

Государство: Italy

Область или регион: Besana in Brianza

Почтовый код: 20842

Языки: Italian

Teл.: +393387691934

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