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1935 DeSoto

59,500.00 USD


1935 DeSoto Airflow


 You are looking at One of the Most Important Automobiles of Our Time! Introduced at the 1934 New York Auto Show, it was So Advanced for it's time it took 2 Centuries for consumers to catch-up to it's Concept and Design. This car almost broke Walter Chrysler's company and the resulting reaction turned out to make this car a victim of "American Pop Culture Infamy". It broke the American Tradition of 'boxy. bulky looking' cars with a radical new design. Like a premature baby, it's failure at the time was only surpassed -later- By Ford Motor Company's 'Edsel'. The Airflow is The Very First Car to be "Streamline Designed" in a Wind Tunnel , Built with Uni-body Construction, carry 50/50 Weight Distribution, Position Passengers between Both Axles (instead of over), Offer 'Flow-Thru' Ventilation, and the First Car to carry Lockheed Hydraulic Brakes (4 years before Ford). The whole project was spearheaded by Engineer; Carl Greer, Oliver Clark (Chief Stylist of Exterior Design) and help from Orville Wright (ie: 1st Flight of an Airplane). Perhaps, if Chrysler's introduction of the Airflow was better timed it would have been a raging success but, when this car was introduced in 1934, America had just suffered through the The Great Depression. Judged against the 'boxy' cars of the time , it was not a success. 

Today, the Airflow is considered an Art Deco Masterpiece. It's a car that testifies to progressive design and engineering blending into one Perfect Form. In this model, only 418 were ever built and according to several Auto Clubs, only SIX restored Desoto Airflow SG's still survive today. Part of the 'Low Drag' Design was attention to 'Fuel Economy" and the Airflow's Aerodynamically, Futuristic Body delivered in Spades (especially, if you compare it to the other conservatively styled automobiles of the time, which got better mileage driving backwards). The mileage and performance of the Airflow were stellar. Race Driver: Harry Haartz drove cross country from New York to the San Francisco (3,114miles) on a total fuel bill of $33.08 and average 21.4 mpg (remember, there were no Super Highways at that time!).

By 1935, the well criticized 'waterfall grille' was dropped and the '35 offered what the brochure claimed was an "ever more beautiful grille, than it's predecessor. With a Front-end brilliantly re-styled and given a feeling of added speed and movement". This Desoto Airflow SG model carries 90,802 miles (@78 years young: 1,164 miles per year) and hails from Kentucky and Florida. It is a remarkably rust-free vehicle with original-style Mohair Headliner and Seating, Factory described "Enclosed Rumble Seat" (rear pass. seat), Faux Wood Dash & Window Surrounds, loaded with : Bumper Guards Front & Rear, Wide Whitewall Bias-Ply Tires, Fender Skirts with Chrome Embellishments, Cigar Lighter (yet, ashtrays never used), 3-Speed Transmission with Standard Automatic Overdrive, Chrome Wheel Trim Rings, Right-hand Tail Light, Signal Lights, Cream Color Pinstripe, Art Deco Dash Clock (added), Trumpet Horn, Right-hand Sun Visor, Special Paint Color: "Burgundy Wine" #614     (one brochure states "Envoy Red"). Shown with Steering Column Zenith Radio head, Deco Flower vase, 1935 FL. Plate, Trippe Foglights, (some of the above options are available at extra cost and ae not included with purchase). Based on recent Auction & Private Sales, the popularity on these rare cars has increased 10 fold. Even, Jay Leno, owns one in his collection. Despite the fact, the restoration is over 15 years old, this car is in remarkable condition. Body number is "1417" out of 418 built (2nd to last made?) The 1935 Desoto Airflow SG Coupe sold for $1015 new...today it is priceless!   Taking offers @ $59,500

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Marka: DeSoto

Model: Airflow

Yýl: 1935

Fiyat: 59,500.00 USDCurrency Converter

Condition: durum 2 Harika

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İsim: Classic Dreamcars

Ülke: United States

Yer ya da Bölge: Mount Dora

Posta Kodu: 32757

Diller: English

Tel: (352) 385-1945, 352-385-0049

Web sitesi: www.classicdreamcars.com/

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