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Mike Sanders Rust Prevention Grease

Price on request


Mike Sanders Rust Prevention Grease

This product, which tops several test results, provides protection for all those hard to see cavities and the underside of your car and is suitable for all types of vehicles. Developed over 35 years ago in Germany by Mike Sanders together with the “hot-application-method” can be applied with the right equipment by any “do-it-yourself” enthusiast, but if you are not sure we can treat your car here in our garage.

We can supply three different sizes of “Rust Prevention Grease”.

750 g tub Price: €16.80

4 kg tub Price: €57.40

24 kg tub Price: €278.00

Other Mike Sander products

Grease tape (5 cm x 10 m) for wrapping of leaf springs Price: €10.80

Application Set (Including Spray gun, Cavity Nozzle, Hooked Nozzle and Tubing) Price: €137.00

Smelting Vat with thermostat and drain cock Price: €172.10

Silicon Brake Fluid DOT 5

1 Litre Price: €34.16

3.8 Litre Price: €97.14

All prices are including VAT at 23% but plus packaging and postage which will range from € 12.30 to € 26.00 depending on size and weight.

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İsim: Pristine Classics

Ülke: Ireland

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Pristine Classics

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