Eighty Eight
409,000.00 SEK

19,999.00 USD
De Ville convertible
249,000.00 SEK
Catalina Convertible
235,000.00 SEK
54,995.00 USD
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Auto Fashions.com business has been a recognized HONEST name in the North Carolina auto restoration and sales industry for over 29 years. Daniel at Auto Fashions.com offers customers a real view on what really goes on behind the scene with daily updated online written progress reports with general shop operations, customers cars as well as what has been done to reconditioned parts and vehicles for resale.

As most of you know its a real task to organize and list everything you you have by people you trusted with handling the business. Things usually get out of hand and beyond your control when others throw a monkey wrench in your plans.  It is really time consuming especially if you have had set backs in your business like I have.  I will try to post some photos in the future on my website and on Collection Car.com when I find the time.  I appreciate Collection Car.com with offering this service.

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Mechanisch: Complete Motor, Motor onderdelen, Transmissie & onderdelen, Assen & differentiëlen, Sturen & onderdelen, Wielen & spinners, Ophanging, Schokdempers, remmen & onderdelen, Koppeling & onderdelen, Brandstof systeem, Koelsysteem, Darmen, Turbo, Uitlaat systeem, Dichtingen, Tanks
Koetswerk: Frame & chassis, Paneel vooraan, Voorvleugel, Achtervleugel, Paneel achteraan, Vloerpaneel, Deuren vooraan, Deuren achteraan, Motorkap, Kofferdeksel, Bumper vooraan, Bumper achteraan, Andere koetswerk panelen, Voorruit, Andere ruiten, Radiator grill, Deur handvatten, Radiator emblemen, Andere chroomstukken, Wieldeksels, Rubber dichtingen, Raam mechanieken, Soft top, Hard top, Andere
Electrisch: Verdeelkop & onderdelen, Onsteking & onderdelen, Alternator & onderdelen, Starter & onderdelen, Schakelaars, Lichten & lenzen, Relais, Onstekingskaarsen, Raam motoren, Instrumenten, Bekabeling, Electrische motoren, Computers, Contactslot, Radio, Klakson
Interieur: Deurpanelen & onderdelen, Dashboard & onderdelen, Andere interieur panelen, Stuurwiel, Zetels & onderdelen, Airconditioning, Verwarming
Onderhoud: Olie filters, Luchtfilters, Brandstof filters, Andere filters, Distributie riemen, Andere riemen, Remblokken
Accessoires: Krik, Reservewiel, Bagage imperiaal

Merk: All Makes

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Naam: Auto Fashions.com

Land: United States

Staat of regio: Pittsboro

Postcode: 27312

Taal: English, Spanish

Tel: 919-542-5566

Website: www.autofashions.com

Auto Fashions.com

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