To start advertising or using the site, advertisers must be registered. Please click here to register.

Advertising for cars
is a paying service.

1. Private advertisers
Private or occasional users who want to advertise for one or only a few cars can go for the individual advertisements. Cost is 30 euro per year per advertisement. The advertiser can edit or update his advertisements during this period. You can even change the make or model and use the advertisement for another car if the original one was sold. Once deleted, the remaining period of the ad is lost.

2. Professional advertisers
Professional users can advertise unlimited with a subscription. The cost is 180 euro/year. Monthly or 6 monthly payments are also possible. Already registered? Then click here: Take a subscription

Advertising for other things besides cars
is free for non-professional use.

All advertisements (except for cars) for non-professional use are free of charge. Non-professional use means maximum 10 advertisements. Professional users who want to advertise, for example, for model cars will probably want to place hundreds of advertisements. You need a subscription to place more than 10 advertisements. The cost is 180 euro/year. Monthly or 6 monthly payments are also possible. Already registered? Then click here: Take a subscription

Other services
which might interest you.

1. Franchising – we franchise our business

As an example, this site is a franchising partner of
If you are a classic car magazine publisher, a classic car club, an event organizer or you have an informative well visited classic car website in general… then this is the perfect business for you.

You like our business? You want to do the same?
The software is complicated and expensive. And even when you have the software... don't expect that people will make the effort to advertise in your empty classifieds section.. not even for free!
You\’ll take a huge risk to waste time and money…

But we have the perfect solution: the best of both worlds...… a readymade and filled classifieds section, shared by many informative websites all over the world in 21 languages.
And nobody will see that the content actually comes from our server. It looks like this is your own private classifieds section. AND without any risk or investment! Completely free…

The benefit? Besides making your website a lot more interesting, you’ll get 40% commission on all advertisers who have registered on your site. Even when the advertiser purchases a service on another site later, you’ll still get the commission because he initially registered on your site. It’s your client for life.
An administrator is at your disposal to track all commissions and payments.

Click here to know more about it.

Besides this site, see other example on FIVA website.

2. Independent synchronized website, specifically made for you.

We developed an exquisite and inexpensive tool for professionals selling classic cars, parts, model cars, literature, retromobilia, retro life style objects, automotive art, etc…

The main problem (among many others) for individual websites is that they are “lost” between millions of other sites, making it next to impossible to show up in the first listings of search engines. So only your existing customers will visit your site, which makes it not very profitable.

We solved this and many other problems with our synchronized website. We not only build you a nice and user-friendly website, we also take care of the traffic! The one-time cost is only 50 euro. Download the PDF folder or click here to know more about it and to order.

3. Your banner on

For all info on banners on, please click here.

4. Affiliates & Placing a banner of on your site.

Take the possibility to make a good extra-income … or even make a profession out of your hobby. All you have to do is to put as much links as possible while you wander on the internet….
Seed links and you will harvest money!
Another possibility is placing a banner of us on your site. Click here to know more about it.

5. Insert an article in “Reader’s blog”

You can publish articles free of charge in our Reader’s blog. If you have an interesting car or you participated in an amazing rally, write about it. Also nasty experiences are allowed. You can write about anything as long as it is car-related and useful for the classic car community. If somebody types the keywords of your article in a search engine, your text will show up in the first listings. Click here to enter an article in the Reader’s blog. Introducing an active link in an article is a paying service. Please contact us (or our Cindy Meitle for USA) regarding this matter.

6. Newsletter

You can subscribe to receive the newsletter. We only send newsletters if we got something to communicate … Normally every 1 – 2 months. Please click here to subscribe.

7. Facebook

Get the latest advertisements and news on your Facebook Wall. You can connect with my personal Facebook or join the Facebook page of your favorite make.

8. XML feed

We can install an XML feed which will export all ads from your site automatically to the platform. Your webmaster can easily install this feature. Please contact us for more info.

9. Integrate your webshop as a webpage on your own private website

The basic principle is that you use the program and distribution functionalities of on your site.
You put your advertisements online on - and that’s all you have to do!
Your advertisements are also displayed on your personal website.
Click here for more info and the manual.

Contact & Questions
If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

David Crader
Yuge Internet Marketing LLC
[email protected]
mob. 513-348-3796 (USA) is currently operated by Yuge Internet Marketing LLC. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this platform, please contact us on [email protected].

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What makes this classifieds section international?

This classifieds section is part of the network and is connected to hundreds of other websites of clubs, magazines, insurance companies, professional dealers and many other informative websites all over the world in 21 languages, who all have the same integrated classified section, feeding the same database. If you also want this classifieds section on your website, please click here. We share our software and database free of charge and even pay commission to the website owners. The integration is made by one simple link and is technically very simple. There is no obligation or commitment.

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What can be advertised?

All antique cars, veteran cars, classic cars but also recent extraordinary sportscars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc...) or other very exclusive automobiles (Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach, etc..) … all generally named Collection Cars.
Further more everything -new and used- which has any relationship with collection cars as, for example:

  • spare parts, accessories…
  • books, folders, documentation, papers…
  • model cars, miniatures…
  • automotive art: paintings, drawings, posters, photographs, sculptures…
  • automobilia & retro lifestyle: mascots, publicity signs, enamel plating, publicity items, old club badges, old gas cans, old gas pumps, furniture made of old car parts, and also retro-lifestyle stuff like jukeboxes, vintage clothing, antique refrigerators, etc…
  • services & community information:
    • Specialised maintenance
    • Restorations
    • Shows & events
    • Auctions
    • Clubs
    • Museums
    • Specialised finance
    • Specialised transport
    • Specialised insurance

Please note that you can only advertise for things which you actually possess or for which you have the right or mandate to advertise for. Pictures in ads should match with the content of the description.

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Why should I put an advertisement here?

There are so many reasons… here are a few

  1. Used not only for cars but for every item a collectible car enthusiast may like… so don’t throw away old books or folders…sell them! Look in your garage for old "worthless" parts... Somebody in the world will give you money for it.
  2. Available in 20 languages, including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi (India) and all European languages… (see next)
    Remember that only 40% of your potential visitors speak English!
    With this site, you reach 2.300 million people in a new market!
  3. Descriptions in your ads are automatically translated into the language of the visitor.
  4. Downloads and shows full-screen pictures AND video.
  5. An easy multiple choice system to advertise and retrieve classic car parts in any language.
  6. You can put an ad for one single spare-part or for a huge spare-part shop in general… both of them will be found by the same visitor who searches a specific part!
  7. Very quick & user friendly for placing or updating ads… everyone can do it! .
  8. The only "all round" site for collection cars in the world.
  9. The only classifieds network for extraordinary cars and "belongings" in the world.

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In which languages is this site available?

A total of 20 languages, reaching more then 3.500 million people of which 2.300 million is NEW market !!!

  1. Mandarin Chinese (+1.200 million people) (NEW market!!!)
  2. Arabic (422 million people) (NEW market!!!)
  3. Hindi (North and Central India) (366 million people) (NEW market!!!)
  4. English (340 million people)
  5. Spanish (322 million people)
  6. Portuguese (176 million people)
  7. Russian (167 million people) (NEW market!!!)
  8. Japanese (125 million people) (interesting market!!!)
  9. German (100 million people)
  10. French (78 million people)
  11. Italian (62 million people)
  12. Turkish (61 million people) (NEW market!!!)
  13. Polish (52 million people) (NEW market!!!)
  14. Dutch (20 million people)
  15. Hungarian (15 million people) (NEW market!!!)
  16. Swedish (9 million people) (interesting market!!!)
  17. Bulgarian (9 million people) (NEW market!!!)
  18. Danish (6 million people) (interesting market!!!)
  19. Finnish (6 million people) (interesting market!!!)
  20. Norwegian (5 million people) (interesting market!!!)

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I have a lot (>100) of ads to put in… Is there an import function?

In case you sell books, parts or modelcars, you probably have more then 1000 ads you want to put in.
If you have done this already in your own website, ask your webmaster to export the data into a database (access, excel, etc..). We are currently working on an import function.
For the moment, if you can provide us with your database, we’ll import it for you.
Please contact us.

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I have a lot of articles for sale and I have my own web shop & e-commerce.

In case you have your own web shop & e-commerce... we can still help you.

For example... You're specialised in parts for Ferrari engines.
With ONE ad in "Parts for sale", you will be found by any potential customer.
Go to "Place an ad", then "Parts for sale".
Select that you sell parts for more then one car. Then select "Ferrari" in list.
Under "Mechanical", click the boxes "Engine complete" and "Engine parts". You can also add a title, description and pictures. Now everybody who searches a part of a Ferrari engine will see your advertisement.

Please note that exact matches score higher. So it's worth placing as much individual or precise ads as pratically possible.

The same applies for model cars, bookshops and everybody who sells a service like companies for restoring cars, maintenance products, transport, insurance, etc....

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I want to enter a video in my ad.

Like downloading a picture-file, you can also download a video-file from your camera to your computer.
Unfortunately, a video is not as easy to manipulate as a picture.
When the video-file is on your computer, you have to upload it to a video-site like, or
You can now watch your video on the video-site.
When your video is on screen, copy the url in the bar of your browser.
When placing or updating your ad, you put this url in the field "Enter Video URL" and save.
Great... now all the visitors of your ad can also see the video you made.

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What with not subject related advertisements?

Not subject related items will be removed from the site without warning. If you see an advertisement as such, please send us an email with ad number. If someone continues to put several not subject related advertisements, his account will be blocked.

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