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1925 Rolls-Royce

Phantom I Hooper Tourer
195,000.00 GBP


1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Hooper Tourer

An absolutely superb example of an original-bodied early Phantom I, in lovely condition in every respect. Originally built as Silver Ghost 77AU, but converted by the factory to Phantom I specification in April 1926, hence the unusual 'UMC' chassis number. This is all fully documented on the original chassis build cards which we have copies of, and also by a letter from Rolls-Royce themselves. The car is wonderfully correct, handsome, sharply finished to a very high standard and well equipped with an excellent hood, side screens and tonneau cover, double ‘Auster’ screens, (one for the rear seat passengers and one for the occasional seats), twin side-mounted spare wheels, all six being of the correct 'straight sided' type and fitted with Michelin tyres, an impressive range of original tools, nicely fitted in their trays, lovely lamps, including 'diver's helmet' rear type, turned aluminium dashboard with correct instruments, etc, etc. We even have the 'Alpine type' extended radiator filler, allowing for expansion of the coolant at high altitudes. Also with the car is a large history file, which even includes the original 1925 logbook. This is one of those cars which is difficult to portray accurately in photos, as the quality of paintwork, crisp door fits and generally sharp detail, and we feel that it is even nicer in reality than the photos suggest. A magnificent car, used extensively for worldwide touring by the owners of the last 35 years or so, and ready to do so again.


Chassis No.  10UMC                     Reg. No. TD 1234


Snippets: Dynamite & Rallies.

Alexander (Alister) Reid (1867/1941) was named after his grandfather who in 1851 employed 82 Men & Boys plus 40 females at his fabric dying works, Alister’s uncle Thomas Reid was exceptionally industrious and became involved with Nobel’s Dynamite Trust Co, Nobel’s Explosives Co, Glasgow Cotton Spinning Co., Indo-China Steam Navigation Co, Birmingham Metal & Munitions Co, Steel Co of Scotland and found time to be JP for Glasgow and Chief Magistrate of Govan! Alister’s Aunt Margaret became the wife of Henry Platt (iron founder and machine maker) who in the early 1920s purchased the estate of Pentrehylin Hall in North Wales.  Alister Reid himself followed in the family concern and became a Cotton Dyer Master with calico print works and bleaching works which enabled him to purchase Brinscall Hall near Chorley - local legend says the area was named after a Capt. Brinn who camped on the moors during the Civil War and called for his men, another tale is there was a sheepdog called Brinn who howled or “called” for his master who had hung himself after losing his wife who died in childbirth it could even be that it comes from “Bryn” (ridge) “skall” (windy) which is perhaps the more likely reason.  The 2nd owner was Sidney Hugh Whitehead of Acton – the family owned a General Launderers & French Cleaning business with two depots in Acton plus the main works.  During WWI, the National archives show that Edward Alfred Whitehead was exempted from being called up due to his being a partner in the firm and that “ serious hardship would ensue if the man were called up for Army Service, owing to his exceptional business obligations”. 10UMC was with the Whitehead’s from 1936 until 1964 when it was sold to Derek George Silcock who lived 5 doors away from the Whiteheads and shared a common love of cars with them.  Cars that passed through the Whiteheads’ hands included: Ford T Tourer, Wolseley 24hp Tourer, 40/50 Napier Tourer, a Lagonda 12hp Tourer, a 17hp Arrol-Aster, 14hp Armstrong Siddeley Tourer, a Rover saloon, Trojan 10hp Tourer, 16hp Crossley Streamline, a 17hp Armstrong Siddeley laundaulette and lastly a 7hp Jowett saloon which whilst towing returned some 40mpg!  In 1939 Derek Silcock changed his Allard Special V12 for a Jensen V12 – Derek Silcock was a keen rally driver and had competed with a Jensen V8 in the 1937 MCC Torquay Rally (Bronze), a Ford V8 in the 1938 MCC Edinburgh Trial & the Allard Special in 1939 RAC Rally.  After his retirement from the Royal Navy where he had served on a Mine Sweeping vessel, Lt Cdr Silcock DSC, RNR commissioned the yacht 42’ Albatross ketch Ceol Mara which he sailed out of Dartmouth.  10UMC was with Derek until 1984 when he sold her to a close neighbour of his in Englefield.

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General Information

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Make: Rolls-Royce

Model: Phantom I Hooper Tourer

Year: 1925

Price: 195,000.00 GBPCurrency Converter

Condition: cond 3 Very good

Contact Information

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Name: The Real Car

Country: United Kingdom

State or Region: Bethesda

Postal code: LL57 4YS

Languages: English

Tel: +44 1248 602649, +44 1248 600994


The Real Car

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