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Drink Ice Cold Coca Cola Neon Sign

299.00 USD


Drink Ice Cold Coca Cola Neon Sign

The colorful neon tubes of this classic sign are hand blown and supported by a black finished metal grid. This sign shines bright and is powered by a commercial strength transformer for long life and silent, efficient operation. 

This sign is plug and play: hang it on the wall and plug in the cord. The sign weighs ten pounds, so you'll need an appropriate strength hanger and good location on the wall, but it does not get any more complicated than that. 

This sign lends a great feeling to a pool room, man cave, bar, garage, game and media room, or even a business. It's perfect for vintage era automobile fans of all ages!

This sign is four inches deep, twenty-four inches tall and twenty-four inches wide

Check out the Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery website for more automotive art including artistic autos! 

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General Information

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Kategori: Automobilia

Emne: Drink Ice Cold Coca Cola Neon Sign

Type: Original

Pris: 299.00 USDCurrency Converter

Kontakt Information

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Navn: Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery

Land: United States

Stat eller Region: Collierville

Postnummer: 38017

Sprog: English

Telefon: 901 850 0507

Hjemmeside: http://www.artandspeed.com/

Google Maps: link

Art & Speed Classic Car Gallery

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